"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another,"
"and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them,"
"a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation." - The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

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REM Private Management is at Peace First and Foremost!

We do not subscribe to revolution, war, anti-government, sovereign citizen or any other adversarial ideology. We are at peace with all nations, all peoples and the world at large. We believe strongly in responsibility, kindness to others, service to humanity and following the word (law) of the Supreme Creator.

While we may promote awakening to the hidden knowledge of the world economic slavery system, we do not support “fighting for our rights” because our rights are inherent from the Creator and if taken away, it is due first to our own ignorance and secondly by unjust force. To remedy the latter, we believe firmly in the use of the law. For a people at peace and forced into obedience against their will there can only be one truth…

Crimes Against Humanity.

So What Exactly Is Going On Here!?

What is going on in the world?  Is it the “end times”?  Is there a dark cabal with a plan to take over the earth by creating a devastating economic crash via a pandemic which would require mass vaccinations, more control and a one world government to extinguish it under the guise of our protection after millions are dead? Kind of seems like it with the advent/creation of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Actually, the planet is filled with rulers that are all interconnected to achieve such unimaginable goals.  Multitudes of evidence support the “conspiracy theories” that most of them are in secret societies which perform odd esoteric and occult rituals to please their gods.  With such meticulously documented information, the question of a dark cabal ruling the earth becomes a bit more palpable.

These ultra wealthy elite rulers are connected through family, business, oaths and secret societies that believe the common man is their slave.  Unfortunately, this strange seemingly fictional scenario is the truth and it’s revealed in documentation everywhere in front of us but we’ve been too preoccupied for centuries to read it for what it is.  Survival by running on the hamster wheel of life fueled by fear and lack have taken over our consciousness.  After being put to sleep by wonderful tales of freedom, heroism and prosperity we find ourselves waking to a harsh reality that looks nothing like the dreams we were experiencing in our previous slumber.

If we wake enough to look at history objectively, we can see humanity has been under attack for centuries.  Our governments have always been infiltrated by agents with deep enough pockets to pay for laws legislated in their favor to the detriment of the very citizens that have blindly elected them into their offices.  Officials on all levels have been bribed, black mailed, compromised and silenced to keep the control machine functioning at full bore.  The corruption today is seemingly unbearable and so far out of control it’s hard to see a way out.

How do we change this?  How do we stand up to declare ourselves free from the chains of oppression placed on us by unrelenting tyranny?  Freedom is inherent in all that nature’s God has created so what man or woman has authority to take that which is nature’s from us at their will?  Is it even possible to change this governing relationship with the self-interested power elite that have assumed control?

We believe it is.  We believe it’s all a matter of choice and consent.  We believe it can be done and should be done peacefully without uprising or revolution using knowledge as the weapon of choice.  Evolution and cooperation is the new order to replace the old order of revolution and competition.  We feel strongly from our research and experience that the way to take our power back is to first re-inhabit it.  We must have cause for separation but before we can sever the political bands that connect us with another, we must understand how it is we are connected. 

REM Private Management seeks to assist those just waking up to this new reality.  We hope to offer our experience to shed light on what binds us to these seemingly outlandish laws, how we are considered property subservient to government, how to unbind ourselves from the assumed obligations to our alleged leaders and protect all property for ourselves and our posterity.  We begin below by touching on misunderstood status along with the story of Fred and his fictional counterpart as the true story of what has happened to us all while we were asleep at the wheel.



     We are all bound as debtors to the central banks that fund the United States and other countries as the countries are insolvent despite what they tell us to our face. There is no money of substance in the United States, or almost every country for that matter, because federal reserve notes are debt instruments owned by the Fed and loaned to the U.S. We are bonded to the U.S. as debtors to pay its debt to the Fed for receiving those notes.

     Our parents register us as an asset, unbeknownst to them, through the birth registration process. The registration of our birth creates a second person with our likeness no different then a corporation with our name, creation/birth date etc. It’s an “individual” organization, a legal, but non existent PERSON, with our name such as JOHN DOE SMITH.

     JOHN DOE SMITH gets a securities (contracts) insurance account called social security and a surety broker known as the Depository Trust Clearing Company at 55 Water Street in NYC. The United States then uses that debtor entity as an asset to pledge for loans.  A debtor, or debtor agreement security such as a birth registration, held in trust is an asset on the trust accounting ledger for the trust. The government then charges us, the creator and CEO of the organization, as surety for all the debts they attach to it because the government has to loan us their loaned money since there is no real money in existence such as gold and silver. We get to be the insurance of our JOHN HENRY SMITH debtor corporation.

     To compound the issue, the property of our corporation is considered abandoned so the State gets to control it under an assumed claim and smacks us like children if we try to administer it by fining, penalizing and imprisoning us for the corporate debts it the gov has created for us. All the statutes and codes (law) are terms and conditions of the debtor agreements and they get applied to the entity PERSON but not us as real people because we, as the original owners that are not a legal fiction person but a real natural person, cannot have state and federal statutes and codes applied to us because the 13th amendment, and other laws, bar us from being put into involuntary servitude. Therefore, the United States expanded its jurisdiction to the states to make us all U.S. Citizens under the 14th amendment which clearly states to the reader that their exists two citizenships; one state and one federal. We are born into state nationality but we must volunteer to be federal citizens since that citizenship was created after the civil war for the purpose of giving the newly freed slaves a “state” since they were stateless due to their prior debtor/slave status.

     This entire mess MUST be unwound, or we essentially die slaves. There are millions of dollars being made from our birth securities that belong to us yet we will never see it nor benefit from it. If we never come back to reclaim the property (securities creating an estate) and change the roles and status of the players in the corporate JOHN HENRY SMITH, we will technically remain a debtor to the U.S. until death even if we have no visible debt in our lives measured in “federal reserve notes” (which are legal debt instruments) because the entire system uses debt as its currency.

     This is what REM Private Management does. We teach people to remove themselves from the debt slave system and take their power back from the government which in turn will bring the government itself out of debt to the bankers; which is what we see happening today…a fight to keep ALL countries in bankruptcy debt. EVERYTHING else is a dog and pony show to distract us.

   To take a country back, we must bring it out of Bankruptcy!!

The Jurisdiction Device

State Citizen v. Federal Citizen
Rights Relinquished For Privileges

There is great ignorance in the United States of America today as to the fact there are two distinct citizens. 1) A state citizen whose nationality is of the state and 2) a federal citizen whose nationality is of Washington D.C.

There was no such thing as a U.S. Citizen prior to the civil war.  After the slaves were set free by a “fit and necessary war measure for suppressing said rebellion” in paragraph 4 of the Emancipation Proclamation, they had no right of suffrage because they were “stateless”. A citizenship was needed for the freed slaves now under federal control. Congress created the U.S. citizen with the 14th Amendment which is a separate and distinct citizenship to the state citizenship.  The U.S. Citizens  have a foreign nationality and lower status to the superior state citizen whose nationality was of the state. See STYLE MANUAL CH 5 SECTION 5.23 for evidence of state nationality. Therefore, the United States is not the United States of America. (for evidence see the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in the United States Code title 28 U.S.C. 1746(1) where it states “without the United States” but under the laws of the United States of America).

It is an established fact that a us citizen no matter where he or she might reside in the states, is also a resident of Washington D.C. the mere nature of federal legislative authority restricted to the geographic ten mile square of D.C., territories, possessions and lands in the states ceded to the federal government by the legislatures of the states as per Article I section 8 clause 17 of the Constitution.  U.S. Citizenship is a voluntary second citizenship which binds the citizen to ALL federal legislation with only privileges and civil rights NOT God given inalienable rights. A resident of a state is a state citizen with constitutionally protected God given inalienable rights. A U.S. Citizen is literally property of the United States.  The United States may dispose of their property how they please with very little regard for the public privileges and complete disregard for private rights which were given in exchange for government benefits. A U.S. Citizen is publicly registered and is therefore public in nature not private.

The Main Problem

Who is Your Ens Legis Counterpart?

We think we are the only one as a living being with our name, birth date and social security number but nothing could be further from the truth as there is always an evil twin that has those attributes. In fact, when a child is registered with a State, a second public artificial ‘person’ (ens legis) is naturalized i.e. created.  A person need not be real to be a legal person.  It can be created such as a corporation, an LLC. or other organization. When it is assumed something occurred and/or someone or something exists in reality but it fact does not (a lie) it is legally called a legal fiction. The creation of legal fictions allows the court to resolve a matter before it i.e. bend the law.

Legal Maxim: “Fictions arise from the law, and not law from fictions”.

For purposes of education in our illustration, we’re going to call this public legal fiction person “dead FRED” always spelled in all capitonyms.  The child that was born alive, the natural private person, has the same exact name as dead FRED but it will always be spelled “Fred” in upper and lower case.  A name styled in capitonyms in the English language changes its meaning. A name spelled in ALL CAPS has no place in the rules of English grammar and therefore does not exists as a real word/name…it is a fiction.

Public Dead FRED was created after the live birth of the private real Fred was recorded by the registrar and filed with the state department of health and/or vital records. Dead FRED is a public entity controlled by the state. Private living Fred’s property/life energy labor was pledged to the state as collateral for public benefits received by dead FRED. Dead FRED is given a public benefit account called social security. The social security account creates a trust relationship between dead FRED and dead FRED’s government i.e the trustees.  Throughout his entire life, private living Fred gets mistaken as the Trustee (authorizing party) for public dead FRED.  Every purchase private living Fred makes in a lifetime gets attached to public dead FRED’s trust estate (property) via contract/agreement because nothing can be bought, sold, traded or registered without public dead FRED’s social security account number.   Even if cash is used to make purchases, private living Fred always seems to get misidentified as the “holder/trustee” for public dead FRED by using public dead FRED’s social security account and identification.

All of private living Fred’s property belongs to public dead FRED’s estate which is held in trust since FRED is dead.  Therefore, anyone administrating the property is considered a Trustee with “legal” title and liability.  Private living Fred’s mother is the Grantor of Fred’s security. Private living Fred is the Beneficiary of public dead FRED’s trust and the State, i.e. the government, is the true Trustee of the trust.  Private living Fred should NEVER act as the Trustee for the estate property but due to his own ignorance of the trust relationship, he always assumes that role.

Legal Maxim: He who accepts the benefit must bear the burden.

So how does private living Fred get educated and no longer become liable for public dead FRED’s etstate?  He must be lawfully appointed as the general executor over public dead FRED’s estate.  Once private living Fred becomes the lawfully appointed general executor over public dead FRED’s estate, he is no longer assumed to be the Trustee.  He no longer has liability because as an executor, he does not have a place in the trust.  An executor is appointed by a will to gather all the property, find accounts and settle all the debts of the estate.  He/she can appoint other administrators to get the job of settling the estate done.  Private living Fred can even appoint government officials as administrators over public dead FRED’s estate so they can perform the settlement of debts, perform discharges and set-offs, provide a full accounting of public dead FRED’s accounts and more!

You see, private living Fred needed to wake up and realize he had the wrong status because he was being misidentified as the holder/trustee for public dead FRED’s abandoned estate property i.e. securities.  Private living Fred needed to establish the foundation of his status and authority with a few simple documents.  After that, private living Fred just had to learn how to operate. 

That’s when Fred came to REM Private Management to help him understand how to correct his status and operate in private!

Status correction is about ending an obligation the main public contract we have been forced into at birth called the “Constitution” which puts us into a status as a public debtor in the society of the United States created by that compact. There are many adhesion contracts that continue to reinforce the public debtor status, as well as such brainwashing slogans such as “We the People”, that need to be terminated and corrected to be seen as a private man/woman.

Understanding the Estate

As we all agree to be under the United States public societal contract (the Constitution), and all treaties made thereunder, an estate is created by all the public debtor contracts we sign that get turned into commercial paper (which is personal property) to fund the United States as “social security”.  Just like private living Fred, everyone has a beneficial interest in the estate created at birth.  It is not “our” Estate.  It is “the” Estate. What is in the Estate? All the public contracts (securities) created off the birth registration matrix document (root agreement to be under the Constitution and all acts of congress) throughout our lifetime to fund the U.S. and global war machine that are worth millions of dollars that lawfully belong to us. Our mothers and fathers unwittingly gave our future labor/wealth as collateral (security) for receiving government benefits under a never ending barrage of contracts hence the term “social security”.  This “New Deal” started in 1933 during the third United States bankruptcy to satisfy the United States debts to foreign banker creditors by turning that debt over to us. For people in bankruptcy, the debt is forgiven every 7 years according to Jewish banking law. For countries, it’s seventy years. Do the math:

Bankruptcy 1 – Revolutionary war. 1790 – The Constitution, a bankruptcy trust document, written to establish the United States as the Trustee in receivership for the United States of America (the now 50 states). Bankruptcy debts to be forgiven in 70 years = 1860.

Bankruptcy 2 – The Civil War. 1860 – The southern states walk out of congress sine die due to the aggressive northern states that wanted the southern states to share their well earned profits from textile manufacturing. The war left the U.S. broke and another 70 years of bankruptcy ensued.

Bankruptcy 3 -The Stock Market Crash. 1930 – Just when the Civil War debt was about to be forgiven, all of the sudden the market crashed 70 years later and 17 short years after the Federal Reserve was established. Another 70 years of bankruptcy for Americans ignorant of the facts in a full trance by public patriotism propaganda fed to them by radio and newspaper narratives.

Bankruptcy 4 – War on Terror. 2001 – One year after the 70 year bankruptcy debt forgiveness was set to occur administrated out of building 7 of the world trade center in New York City, an alleged surprise terrorist attack brought the building down and plunged the United States into another war debt they could not pay.

Is it any real surprise our estates are being plundered and used as collateral for the perpetual temporary war emergencies that just seem to “pop-up” around the time of lawful debt forgiveness for the country? They use the real living people as surety for the alleged debts of our own fictional counterpart estates in the form of bonds and other commercial paper. They don’t want you to know that you are actually the asset, i.e. the creditor, and not the debtor/surety for the fictional JOHN HENRY DOE they have registered and created at birth.

The Estate (securities = personal property) was abandoned by us when we failed to reclaim it and exit the United States society upon reaching the age of majority and discretion. We are the assumed the legal title holder to our public JOHN HENRY DOE, Estate but we are not considered the private equitable title holder until we claim our inheritance as beneficiary of the Estate property in the private. This is truly a matter of reversed roles.

The Estate is created for our benefit but unfortunately greedy thieves, globalists, elite bankers, etc. have made it beneficial to themselves at our expense by making us public so to speak.  If we choose to become responsible for our own actions and govern ourselves accordingly in the private sector, we can take control of the Estate for our benefit and restrict overreaching government from attacking it. We must make the gov. the Trustees and again become beneficiaries.

Our status is assumed as a public holder/assumed owner but not the real private owner. We need to flip the roles and we can clarify that by drafting and recording a detailed declaration  to clear up any presumptions with facts that can be relied upon by opposing parties.  Control of the estate can be taken simply by a properly drafted power of attorney.  In our opinion and experience, these are the only two documents needed to create a solid foundation.

Becoming the general executor over the abandoned estate is another key element to flipping the roles. The Executor is exonerated from all claims against the Estate and has the authority to appoint administrators to settle the Estate debts, find securities in its name, settle claims and wind-up the Estate business. This is another crucial part of the Declaration of Status.

Once the Declaration of Status and Power of Attorney are publicly recorded, clients have a record of their standing and status and thus, their authority to settle claims brought against the estate if they continue to educate themselves and know who they are outside the public constitutional society.

We help people understand the relationship between public and private as well as teach them how to operate in either venue.  We have experienced personnel on hand to answer questions to give our clients a perspective on how the system is actually operating thereby helping them achieve a level of confidence needed to navigate it in every day life without being subservient to it.

The Bottom Line is Our Private Status has Been Changed to Public Status by Our Unwitting Consent to a Constitutional Society Which Lowers Us from a Position of Power Over Our Government to a Slave Status Under it.

Change your status to a non-constitutional citizen as Divine Beneficiary and General Executor over the Estate to begin operating in honor privately.

This is precisely why we see what appears to be the illegal degradation of our liberties by unruly government officials. However, when we consented to a lower status under a constitutional society contract with lesser rights, we gave our birthright estates over to the society which is implied to be owned and controlled by the State so everything that seems like government overreach appearing to be illegal is actually perfectly legal simply because we are ignorant of our own status downgrade.

What is REM Private Management?

A Note On Private v. Public Status

     We cannot maintain private status and continue trying to tell the public actors how to act. What gives us our power is the fact that we are not under public regulation because we do not consent to be part of the public body politic nor do we want any of their resources. We cannot be free from tyranny when the absolute power is public power which we agree to be under by our public status. However, we do have a right to reclaim our stolen estates and that of course is where more education comes in.

     When we change over to private status, we must act in honor of the public authority. For example, one only has power in his/her own home and cannot go into the neighbor’s home and start demanding they change their rules. Likewise, one cannot contract with the public and expect not to honor the contract simply because they claim “private status”. The law is all encompassing however certain legal rights (privileges) belong to public status and inalienable (substantive) rights belong to private status. It is a lifestyle change and therefore we must learn to live every day in honor.

So How Do We Begin To Correct Our Public Status?

Correcting public status begins with a personal choice and a conviction to make real lifestyle changes. It can only be done by letting go of patriotism and nationalism as a belief system that we need to “fight” for our rights. It’s about was is public and publicly controlled and what is private that has no ties whatsoever to the public establishment. The contract we are all presumed obligated to is the constitutions of our countries. These are nothing more than debtor contracts to pay the banks that fund and own the governments of the world. We are merely used as pawns since we consented to be a part of their society contract.

We No Longer Consent!



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REM Private Management offers private business trusts for those ready to take their private status to the next level.  We firmly believe in absolute privacy.  For keeping property private there’s no better protection then a private trust. Our trusts are not publicly registered unless the law clarifies a publicly registered abstract which is NOT binding or revealing of any private information.  A public search of your business trust will not yield any results.  These trusts are an absolute necessity for privacy.  They’re even applicable in other countries. 

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