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The Aramaic root word Shm refers to the eternal life force that flows within all living things in the universe. We feel the only way to true freedom is to form peaceful societies that function independent of current and historical government structures that have their own specific societal compacts/contracts. Therefore, we have endeavored to create a new cooperation based society aimed at reaching our collective full potential as a free and independent human species.

To accomplish this divine task, we understand intention is the catalyst to manifest into physical form that which we desire in our hearts. We firmly believe the more energy we direct towards this intention, the faster we will see the fruits of this labor.

Please take a moment to read our Declaration of Intent and fill out the form below to access a downloadable version of this declaration. As the numbers of downloads increase, so does the potential for manifestation of a new free world.

Declaration of Intent

     It is our intention to join in truth, peace and honor to form a co-operative society free from the uses of oppressive thought, action and force thereby harmoniously forming one mind, body and spirit as a collective human family. With guidance and protection from the everlasting light of all that is, we will form a system of self-governance that maintains love, compassion, equality and selfless service at its core.  Do unto others as you would have done to you is the highest Law of One.

     The Aramaic root word Shm means a single, supreme life force that flows through all living things therefore we welcome people from all faiths as brothers and sisters. Historically, most religions recognize a supreme Creator referred to by many names such as God, Allah, YHVH, or other monikers. Other systems of thought may use more generalized terms like The Universe or Supreme Creator. The common thread is that we all acknowledge a Divine force which is responsible for all of Creation; the God of One. As humans here on planet Earth, we are endowed with its gifts and blessed to be able to use these gifts to make this experience as enjoyable for all beings as possible. It is our Divine Right, and the purpose of Shm Society, to be free and have liberty here in this experience as long as our will is aligned with the Will of the Divine, and as a society our goal is to create this.

     In the western world, commerce and law have taken on many principles from the ethics of judeo-christian faiths. From the day we become entwined with these systems we are by association bound to the same rules and principles that judeo-christian faiths espouse. This day of entanglement into these structures may be the registration of birth for many people born in the US, the process of becoming a naturalized citizen for people born elsewhere, or simply doing commerce and entering contracts that are under the laws of these systems. Therefore, from the day we “sign that contract” we have walked through a door into the world where we are bound by these rules and principles.

     Understanding who we are in regards to all of the Divine Creation as well as the systems of law and commerce that run our lives, we aim to walk back through that door and remove ourselves from those systems not in alignment with the Will of the Divine. Experience has shown that the best way out is to follow the rules that we were bound to upon entering those systems in the first place. By revelations found in the historical documentation of judeo-christian religions, we plan to use the teachings left behind for us as a map to find our way back out the door that we first walked through when we entered these systems.

     It is our objective to honor the messages that were left behind for us in the judeo-christian faiths by referencing and using their words to help redeem us from any system bound to its principles. We honor Jesus as a spiritual master of our age as well as the Buddha Shakyamuni, Krishna and many other prophets who came here to share the wisdom of the divine to help us live our lives for the maximum benefit of all beings. We honor and accept people of all faiths whose will is also in alignment with these principles.

      We hereby declare, define and proclaim our intention to serve one another in service to the God of One, in eternal freedom as the family of man and womb-man by the sacred will of free choice within, for the inheritance of Divine Right is ours.

Signed and sealed in mind, body and spirit by all who attach their mark hereto.

As above so below.

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Visit Unity of Divine Creation Ministry at and join the community forum. Unity of Divine Creation Ministry is building a network of ministries with the purpose of healing the wounds of the earth.

Declaration of Intent Signature Form


By signing and registering for the email list below, you agree you are not an agent of any government agency, corporation, municipality or instrumentality whether by employment or contract. You agree that you have no oath of allegiance to any country, government, constitution or society and you further agree you are not an officer, trustee, employee, administrator, assign or personnel of a public authority and you hereby disavow any allegiance you may have. You agree you will not disperse any private email content sent to you by this email registration to any third party and that you will not use  email content as evidence in any legal proceeding. By signing below you allow REM Private Management and SHM Society members, to use this notice as your agreement to the terms herein. You further agree to pay us one hundred million  (100,000,000.00) dollars in gold for any damages to our substantive rights for any legal action taken against us using any private content from this website and content from emails generated by this registration.

Letter of Intent

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